Kombi 3 Line Marker


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The Kombi 3 is the long awaited upgrade from the long standing Kombi MK11 and boasts many features as seen on the KI machine released earlier in the year. The Kombi 3 now comes with the wheeled knib style attachment as standard, giving adjustable line widths and crisp well defined lines with each mark. The addition now means the Kombi 3 can be used on a variety of sports surfaces such as grass, hard and synthetics straight out of the box.

The new Lithium ION heavy duty battery will give an 8-hour marking session before having to be re-charged and has an LED charge indicator to show the battery status.

When used with Fleet’s range of marking liquid there is no need for external mixing: the paint disperses into the water immediately in the 6 gallon paint tank. At the end of the day’s marking, and just a flick of a switch, the Kombi flushes clean water, drawn from it’s rear water tank, through the nozzle assembly, thus eliminating expensive pump and nozzle blockages.

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• 1.5 up to 6″ Line Marking Width
• 25 Litre (6 Gallon) Paint Tank
• 5 Litre (1.5 Gallon) Water Tank
• Center or Side Marking
• Lithium ION Battery With LED Level Indicator
• Stainless Steel Chassis
• 12V Diaphragm Pump


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