RAYMO Torpedo Remote Controlled Mower / Tool Carrier


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The Raymo Torpedo is a remote-controlled self- propelled mower featuring a unique plug-in Lithium- Ion battery system. Mow with No Noise, No Emissions and with operator safety protected when mowing slopes. The Torpedo is designed as a tool carrier for additional attachments that will make landscaping work more efficient. The squat design allows cutting of low clearance areas and the 4WD zero turn provides excellent slope climbing ability and maneuverability.

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Width 1040 mm
Height 40 – 100 mm adjustable
Slope 35 degrees
Speed 0 – 8 km/h
Li-Ion 120 Ah
45 operating hours
89 Hours recharge time
Mowing Head
R42 Flex Mowing Deck Engagement by electric motor
3 direct electric drive rotary blades Rear discharge with mulching
3 Positions Mowing/Transport/Service
Fully functional controller with shoulder and belt straps
Two rechargeable batteries 12V battery charger

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