STIHL HLA 86 Hedge Trimmer


Price excludes battery and charger

Battery long-reach hedge trimmer with telescopic shaft, the professional STIHL HLA 86 battery long-reach hedge trimmer from the STIHL AP System is ideal for efficient maintenance of tall hedges, shrubs, and ground cover. The sturdy EC motor with infinitely variable adjustable speed delivers consistently high work performance. The cutter bar can be adjusted through 135° tool-free, for cutting at head height, ground level, or to the side. The double-sided cutting blades create an appealing, clean cut. The square-cut telescopic shaft with tool-free adjustment features high stability. The 260–330 cm long-reach hedge trimmer has a very long range and can be folded to 180 cm for easy transport.

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* 500mm blade length
* 4.8kg weight
* 80 dB(A) sound pressure level
* 33mm tooth spacing

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Weight4.8 kg


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