TYM Tractor with Front End Loader T265


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A premium tractor that will not only get the job done but will provide a pleasurable driving experience.
Powered by a Yanmar Diesel engine.

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T265 4-in-1 Loader
Loader modelLT250SL
Tractor modelsT265 ROPS
A. Maximum lift height (mm)2,245
B. Clearance with attachment level (mm)2,073
C. Clearance with attachment dumped – 45 degrees (mm)1,695
D. Reach at maximum height – 45 degrees (mm)513
E. Maximum dump angle (degrees)50
F. Reach with attachment on ground (mm)1,407
G. Attachment rollback angle (degrees)37
H. Digging depth below grade (mm)100
J. Overall height in carry position (mm)1,234
L. Depth of attachment – to back of inner shell (mm)453
M. Height of attachment (mm)640
N. Depth of attachment – to pivot pin (mm)571
Lift capacity to full height of pivot pins (kg)503
Breakout force at ground level, pivot pins (kg)642
Rated operating load – (counter weight on 3PL) (kg)300/200


Please note that Australian specifications may vary to those shown on the manufacturer’s



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